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Outpost Magazine Issue 128


In this issue:

Excess Baggage: Whereby our super-senior correspondent reflects on the earlier days of overlanding and realizes he may be older than he thought.

Tripping: Through the years with Team Outpost in action.

Tajikistan–You’ve Got a Friend: In the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia–one of the highest ranges on the planet–lies the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region of Tajikistan. Expat teacher, Cathy Raymond, sets out to explore to understand this place her students call home.

Triglav–Dreaming in a High Park: In his ongoing running-the-world’s-trails series for Outpost, athlete and writer Robert Brodey heads to the Julian Alps to traverse a land that’s as stunningly beautiful as its history is complex.

Anthony Bourdain’s New Jersey–A Love Affair. The Garden State is not what you think it is–if your impression stems from cheesy TV shows that specialize in faux drama and camp. From Long Beach Island to the newly-inaugurated Anthony Bourdain Food Trail, it’s a destination worthy of any traveller’s list.

An Excerpt: Chasing Lemurs–My Journey into the Heart of Madagascar: In her compelling memoir, then-graduate student Keriann McGoogan recounts her experience in a remote forest in Madagascar, where she’d planned to study lemurs in their natural habitat. What could go wrong? Just about everything!


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