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Outpost Magazine Issue 126


In this issue:

  • Adrift On The Continent In The Azores: The Azores Islands rise from the ocean like a mid-Atlantic lost world millions of years in the making. Lush and mountainous, breezy and temperate with dramatic cliffs and coastline, today they’re a sun-seeking hikers haven.
  • Himalayan Trekking Diaries. How I Hiked The Annapurna: On the almost-roof of the planet in Nepal is one of the world’s most challenging treks. Against her father’s best advice a young traveller sets out with her hopes high, only to come face to face with her own ambition.

  • 12,000 Miles Of Canine Therapy: Whenever life gets routine, Christine Rucker hits the highway with her husband for a jolt of adventure. But on an epic trip to Alaska it was bonding with her dog Bailey that offered the most surprises.
  • Excerpt:  Behind Putin’s Curtain: Friendships And Misadventures Inside Russia: In his new book, Stephan Orth – traveller, award winning author, couchsurfer extraordinaire – explores the enigma that is Russia, looking for the stories and the people beyond the headlines.
  • Spread The Word To Win Peru: We are giving away a spectacular trip for 2 to Peru! Travel at its best with Mountain Lodges of Peru’s Salkantay Trek, as they guide you on 7 exhilirating days hiking the world’s majestic Andes.

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