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Outpost Magazine Issue 124


In this issue:

  • Adrift On The Continent In Berlin: from bohemian to Bowie, you can be anything you want in Berlin and no one gives you a second glance - it's the European capital of cool.
  • Rwanda: My Muddy Trek Up Mount Bisoke. The lush forests and scalable mountains of East Africa have some of the world's best one-day adventures,which just might include a gorilla sighting or two.
  • Public Baths And The Art Of Nudity. Just becasue you don't like getting naked with strangers doesn't mean you're uptight - especially if you're female. The again, doing it in places where it's common is an opportunity to learn self-acceptance.
  • My Visit To A Sumo Training Stable. Often ridiculed and misunderstood, the sport of sumo wrestling is not only highly competitive and respected in Japan, it's also one of the oldest on record. 
  • 55 Days, 27 Destinations, 10 Essential Life Lessons. How a whirlwind and highly-planned Couchsurfing trip helped one young traveller become the person he's chossing to be.  

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